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User Guideline–Beta 2.0

Download the source file, run the application inside the debug folder or use VS 2010 to rebuild by yourself.

To run this application, you have to make sure Surface SDK 2.0 runtime has already been installed on your computer.

This project contains three different screens which are able to switch by using Tag(0xC1) or three finger swipe left/right.

The initial screen is Product Backlog Screen.

  1. user story items inside the Product Backlog/Sprint Backlog are able to drag out into the ScatterView
  2. Product Backlog/Sprint Backlog is able to be scaled and resized
  3. Product Backlog/Sprint Backlog is movable
  4. using Tag (0xC0) and drag to add task card into the ScatterView
  5. task card could be add into the story card which is current in ScatterView by drag and drop
  6. task card could be delete by clicking the “delete” SurfaceButton
  7. each user story item which been drag into Sprint Backlog, its state markup will turn to yellow
  8. touch the button on user story card to show/hide the tasks list (add on 06/07/2012)
  9. tasks inside the tasksList of story card could be drag out (add on 09/07/2012)
  10. task card now is able to be change the content under surface mode(add on 15/07/2012)

The Scrum Board Screen is the second screen.

  1. each task card could be drag/drop between two columns
  2. the border of the task card indicated whether it is able to drop into the target colum
  3. green border means manipulating within same user story which is legal
  4. red border means manipulating across different user story which is illegal


Further function is under developing

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